Jeanne McLennan

RN, Master Certified Coach

Assisting you through planned and unexpected life transitions


It is sometimes hard for me to find words for someone who has touched my life so deeply, but I will try.  I can honestly say I would not be who I am today without the loving guidance of Jeanne McLennan.  She is a masterful coach, a wise sage, and a lover of life.  One of Jeanne’s biggest gifts is to see the deeper spiritual essence in others.  She is great at recognizing, affirming, and encouraging others to bring this essence into the world.  I worked with Jeanne to build my counseling practice and to start a non-profit organization.  I received so much more.   I also healed from a divorce, raised two beautiful daughters, cared for an elderly parent, and integrated joy into my life on a daily basis under her guidance.  Jeanne is joyful, loving, and creative.  Her sense of humor is contagious and her capacity to love is amazing.  You blend this with practical how-tos, focus, accountability and you have a masterful coach and the best in her field.  This is Jeanne McLennan, master level coach—extraordinaire!

 Jeanne Dickerson LCPC, CPCC


I have known Jeanne for over 20 years and have always admired the depth of her character and the integrity that she exudes. But it wasn't until I did some work in her house after her family suffered a personal tragedy that I came to truly appreciate the healing gifts that she not only teaches others but puts into practice in her own life. The compassion, mutual support and love that permeated the house were palatable. This summer I suffered the loss of my Mother and I realized I didn't have the tools to process the flood of familial issues that swelled up. Jeanne was a nurturing coach who successfully balanced being my personal cheerleader while simultaneously holding me accountable. She was so easy to talk to and yet so knowledgeable about the process of loss that she not only helped me see where I was at, but more importantly, gave me insights into what my siblings might be going through so I could more effectively manage those important relationships.

Loss is a difficult, long-term adjustment process that few people are equipped to guide you through. It's a comfort to know that Jeanne is just a phone call away. 

 Thanks for your support,