Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.  

       -Karl Menninger

Jeanne McLennan

RN, Master Certified Coach

Assisting you through planned and unexpected life transitions

Go into yourself and see how deep is the place from which your life flows.

   -Rainer Marie Rilke


What exactly is “Coaching”?

Coaching is having a partner to explore what is next for you and to ask questions to help you achieve clarity about your values and goals.  A coach helps you identify what you need and how to get it, usually faster than you would on your own.
A coach listens carefully to you to tune in to what you are saying and not saying, and to ask you questions that will help you access your own inner wisdom.  It is someone who will listen compassionately and yet not hesitate to challenge your assumptions in a respectful and direct way.

A coach does not provide the answers for you.  While a coach is the expert at the process for helping you, you are the expert on your personal and professional life. 

One of my specialties in process is utilizing Personality Parts* work.  This is useful when you experience interference from a "Part" of you that may show up as inner "negative" conversations, you feeling blocked, conflicted, doubting yourself, procrastinating and perhaps even self-sabotaging.

Who engages me for coaching? 

  • Professionals, executives and business owners desiring to effectively increase performance excellence, alignment and the satisfaction of impacting their world in productive and meaningful ways
  • Individuals seeking to align their behaviors and goals with their true values
  • Individuals seeking healthy ways to address a major loss/change in their life that requires developing a “new normal” and perhaps a new definition of self*
  • Individuals who, while moving forward to achieve what they want, experience being blocked, conflicted, self-doubting or even self-sabotaging at times
  • Experienced Coaches seeking to become more masterful in their lives and in the depth of their work with their clients  (This includes those seeking mentoring to prepare for their Masters level of Certification from ICF.)

* For more information on Parts Work, go to the page: Parts Work/Grieving 
*For a note about grieving a loss or dealing with a transition, please go to the page: Parts Work/Grieving

Transitions that can lead you to seek coaching might include:

  • A new leadership role in your profession or a board of directors
  • Advancement/change in your work or a new work setting
  • Addition of family member/s through birth, adoption, guardianship or marriage
  • Newly assumed care-giving responsibilities for a spouse, partner, parent or child
  • A recent divorce, ending of a significant relationship or the death of a loved one
  • Anything that is not mentioned here that you want support moving toward/through
  • If you are a coach, the desire for mentoring to deepen your level of mastery (which may or may not be due to a desire for a higher level of coach certification)

Can I achieve the same benefits of coaching through the help of a friend? 

Friends and family members can be a great support for you in many ways.  Before you dive into coaching with someone you know well, consider the following questions.  Do they have the skills to lead you through the process?  Are you willing to self disclose to the depth that you need to in order to discern and reach your goals? Do they have the objectivity you may need for this transition?  Will they be able to help you determine what you really want and how you want to be? Would they be tempted to tell you what to do?  How would you feel asking for this kind of regular support?  How would this kind of partnership change the dynamics of your relationship?  Would your work together be held in complete confidence?

You will find Coaching to be a great resource if you:

  • Believe you deserve the best possible outcome.  
  • Find the accountability that a regular meeting with a partner provides will help you stay on track. 
  • Desire support with living in the present while making decisions and taking action for your future; 
  • Believe you can make it through this transition in the healthiest possible way;
  • Are responsive to the partnership of a supportive coach who will listen compassionately and yet not hesitate to challenge your assumptions in a respectful and direct way
  • Tend to act more readily and confidently with support 
  • Want to develop your coaching to a more masterful depth and/or are seeking Master Credentialing through the ICF

Where does Coaching take place?

It can be done in person but more commonly occurs via telephone, which allows clients anywhere around the world access to coaching.